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Findbox as a solution

Search and find with ease with optical recognition and flashing digital price tags.

Sectors: Consumer electronics / Cosmetics / Do it yourself / Drugstore / Food / Gardening / Industrial / Digital signage

Progressively customers are accustomed to the easy shopping offered by e-commerce pure players. But in physical stores, they can lose their way while hunting for the right ink cartridge, special light bulb or suitable charging cable – and, in the worst case, buy nothing at all. That is what the Findbox is for. It makes searching for products wonderfully easy. And purchasing too, by the way.

Optical recognition

Instead of time-consuming searching among the shelves, customers can find the product they want easily and quickly with the Findbox. The user-friendly display and attractive design draws customers in just on its own. The quickest way to the desired product: Simply put the used product or its packaging into the Findbox. It automatically recognizes the product using a state-of-the-art optical recognition technology – in just 3 seconds!

Flashing digital price tags

Searched and found: As soon as Findbox recognizes the right product, the LED on the digital tag at the corresponding product position on the shelf lights up. One glance and your customers have the product they’re looking for in hand – without any hunting, hesitation or wasted time.




  • LightGuide LED Flash
  • Smart camera scanning
  • Multi-channel function with "Send me home"
  • Easy upkeep on the shelves
  • Large operating range
  • Fast updates (less than 1 second)
  • NFC+
  • Intelligent Roaming
  • Fast & easy installation


  • Find the right product in seconds
  • Easy finding with flashing digital tags
  • Suitable suggestions
  • Easy manual search
  • Findbox to go (Mobile search-and-find for home)
  • Easy upkeep on the shelves
  • Smart shelves
  • Pricing automation
  • Efficiency in price displays and changes
  • Enhance the customer experience and improve store efficiency

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