SES-imagotag wins new clients in the US and Canada

SES-imagotag announces growth and key client wins in Consumer Electronics for the US and Canada.

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Pay at the Tag and avoid long waiting lines through SES-imagotag’s payment solution!

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Digital for Retail Now!

SES-imagotag is a digital solutions specialist for physical retail and world leader of electronic labeling systems.

More than a retail solution

Practical solution for digital signage.

Our products

SES-imagotag provides retailers with an all-in-one solution to connect their stores, thanks to our electronic shelf labels, our software Jeegy and our MultiCom infrastructure.

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs)

A strategic weapon for retailers.

Connected via radio frequency to a price management software, Jeegy S, in-store or in the cloud, our Electronic Shelf Labels mean prices can be changed in real-time giving the retailer a decisive advantage. detailed information 

Jeegy software

The nerve center of the electronic labeling solution.

The nerve center of the electronic labeling solution, Jeegy S is an intuitive, scalable, modular software platform designed to address the challenges facing retailers today. detailed information

MultiCom infrastructure

The only multi-frequency radio platform on the market.

Flexibility that allows the SES-imagotag solution to offer the best of digital and physical retailing to its customers. detailed information

Accessories and Mountings

Individual mountings, rails and accessories.

High quality solutions from the international market leader.

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Findbox as a solution

Search and find with ease.

Find the products you want easily and quickly by putting the used product or its packaging into the Findbox and 3 seconds later the flashing light will show you the location in the shelf. detailed information

Our customers increase their revenue.

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